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RentMen: What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?
MensMassager: I am glad that RentMen has this as a question because it allows me to explain what I do for my clients. For some of my clients I do meal prepping for them shirtless. Its a fun way for us to hang out where you actually get some value out of paying for someone's time. Friendship, good company, prepared food, and knowledge that will last a life time.

So what do I eat:
I eat a "low inflammation diet" which are foods that are not disruptive to the intestinal lining of the stomach. Why?
For starters: I want you to imagine that you go back in time 50k years ago, before the invention of industrial agriculture, and you are in a forest.. What would you eat in that forest? Probably, what you could get your hands on like an animal, some vegetables, and fruits. Its not complicated on what to eat; meat, vegetables, and fruit and not all at the same time. I believe in eating foods that digest well together, a concept called "food combining." I also evaluate your current food intake, and instead of being a Nazi about it, by saying no to everything; I take you to the grocery store and show you slightly healthier options, so that way you aren't using will power trying to change existing habits
Updated: 16 Feb, 06:49
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